Andrew, 29

The reason why I frequent this page is that the articles they post here are very educational. They have information that I never knew existed before they even reported it, and it opens my eyes to new possibilities. It was funny how the higher authorities are being forced to open up about this ‘hidden information’ after this website already published them. It is as if they are forced to be transparent to the public which should just be the right move. Without this website, the people in the position would continue to play with our ignorance just so they could pursue their self-interest in the matters concerning the general public. So kudos to the team behind this website for doing a job well done!


Talitha, 33

This website is a breath of fresh air from the usual news we hear online. They give you un-traditional news. What’s wrong with some of the best news websites is that sometimes they can be biased in their news reporting. But this website would simply give you facts that were hidden to you previously and let you have your own conclusion. Thy won’t tell you what you should think nor influence your decisions in any way. They are simply there to bring you news about the latest happenings to important personalities in the United States. Sometimes, just reading about the news they publish here makes me laugh out loud. The best thing is that they just do not focus on the negative. They focus on the positive news as well. I’ve even read once how they featured here some artists who created their own foundations to help those who are way less fortunate than them. They do not simply focus on criticizing people but also know to give praises where praises are due.