System And Techniques Of Criminal Investigation Analysis

The methods and framework used in the investigation are the subjects of this research article. It describes all the flaws in those above and offers a critical analysis. Even if the situation is improving every day, people are still not safe. Because it takes so long to crack a single case, our detectives are falling behind as crime rates rise significantly every day. Numerous parts of the Indian Constitution and other laws have been passed, but the majority have not been implemented or are not being adequately enforced.

safeguarding life

Protecting citizens’ lives, liberties, and property is the Police’s priority. It defends the rights that criminal justice has established by giving the Police significant duties. Only the poorest members of society are the targets of police brutality or crimes committed while in custody. Police are not seen as a symbol of safety but rather as oppressors. Additionally, the process for filing an FIR is broken and needs to be changed right away.

Corruption among crime investigators and pre-existing crime are the leading causes of ineffective investigations, as is the judiciary’s inability to render a just decision in light of the evidence and the circumstances of the case. Such mistakes should be avoided because they hinder the country’s development.


Police are a group of government employees tasked with upholding public order, identifying and preventing criminal activity, and enforcing the law. They include the entire State’s internal regulatory framework. The Police Act of 1861, a codified law, was established under British rule. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was established to look into criminal problems that required more excellent technical skill after this Act, based on several recommendations for selecting the detective wing. On April 1st, 1906, CID was initially founded in Bengal. The Crime Branch can take on complex cases involving racial unrest or difficult murder cases that the Police may find challenging to manage in addition to their regular duties.

One of the most critical components of the investigation system is the application of forensic sciences. Using science and technology for investigation in India is not a novel idea. Despite not understanding the concept of forensic sciences, our predecessors employed scientific approaches in their inquiry system. They understood the notions of handprints and fingerprints, which were even used as illiterate people’s signatures.