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Are you affiliated to any popular news website?

We are a separate entity that is not affiliated to any organizations. We are also non-profit so our readers should not think that we do this for money. We produce unbiased news here that does not lean on any sides.


Do you publish your works?

Our works are only available online. Although we thought once to publish them, we immediately veered away from the idea since we advocate here a greener living. We do not want to waste resources on printing on papers that have many other important uses.


Can the articles here be downloaded?

All articles can easily be transferred to your smartphone readers if you have one. Every article we publish here when downloaded can easily be converted into many files. You would be prompted when you choose to download what file you prefer.


Can we access this website without an account?

This website is accessible to everyone, everywhere, anytime. You do not need an account just so you could access any articles you want to read. You do not need an account unless you want to sign up for our newsletter and if you want to engage with other readers at the forum site.