About Us

A Scandal A Day is serving you for over half a decade now. It started in 2012 as an online forum but it was only formalized during early 2013. The members of the previous forum wanted it to have more audience so that this so-called news which did not make it into the mainstream media won’t remain just that – a secret. They want people to be more aware of the things being hidden from them so that they can make their own opinions with all the facts available to them. They know that in a community living in a democracy, people should have access to the whole truth.

For every issue, there are hearsays. There are conspiracy theories that revolve around it. Rather than these ‘theories’ staying as the elephant in the room, this website aims to recognize this – to investigate its validity so that the people would know the real truth. It is a common knowledge that there are times when the information that comes out to the media are limited. The purpose of A Scandal A Day is to expose what are those not being said so that it can be considered when making a decision that would impact the lives of the majority. We do not simply involve exposing news with regards to the political circle. This website covers each and every aspect of the community including the business world, the social circle, and even the Hollywood. Nothing escapes the keen senses of our veteran news reporters.

Aside from hidden news, we also bring to you here the latest happenings behind the closed doors of important personalities. We tell you the real story in different perspectives.

Do you have questions about our website? Then feel free to contact us at the contact details available at our contact page. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so you won’t lag behind on the latest happenings around you.