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A Scandal A Day brings to you all news you should know that did not make it into the mainstream media. We are privy to the fact that there are times where there are higher powers that control what information leaks to the media. There are many reasons for this. While sometimes it is for the good of the country, there are times when the reasons are lean on the self-interest of the chosen few. 

They choose to keep people in the dark to push the protests on the down low. As such, we are left to be ignorant on what’s been happening around us that when it comes into view, it is too late for us to prepare ourselves for the after-effects or it’s already too late for us to do some form of a mitigation to stop it from affecting our lives. This is most especially in the political setting.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

We understand your side on this. As early as now, we want to tell you that we are behind you in exposing these kinds of drama in the community. Whether it is in the political aspect, the business aspect, or whatever aspects there are still to discover that have potential impacts in our lives, we would help you uncover it. We would not let you live in the dark anymore. Instead, we would help you shed light on those things that seem to confuse you. 

The best thing about the news we offer is that they are FREE and they are accessible to you wherever you are. You can have the straight into your smartphones or tablets even while you are waiting for your Tempe garage door repairmen. We are on the front row seats of the latest happenings around you. As a consequence, you are the first to know even before it hit the newsstands.

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We are composed of individuals who have already proven their reputation and credibility on news gathering and news reporting. This ensures that all the news articles you would retrieve on this site are of high-quality. We would never lie to you because all we are after is uncovering the truth.

” The news we publish here is straight from the source and out of the most reputable people in different industries. There are times when you would witness us getting video interview rather than just putting everything into writing. This is because we would like to give you a variety and we would like to be all out transparent to you. We only want to give you the type of unfiltered news reporting you deserve. “

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Here at the A Scandal A Day, we value the opinions and the relationships of our readers. We especially opened a forum site for everyone so you could discuss there the hottest topics with other readers around the world. There you could engage with them in a healthy debate and produce your own deductions based on the facts presented. 

Although we are mainly concern in giving you the news that we gathered, we do not want to monopolize it. We want to here also what you know and what you heard from your sources. In that way, we can have more things to cover when it comes to investigating the truth.